Collaborative Genius

lloyd constellations
3 min readJun 4, 2021

“Ka uko sawa, mi niko sawa, Ka uko sawa, mi niko sawa..” I know, I know, I gave you a hit of dopamine and all that’s playing in your head right now or maybe even blasting on your earphones is “Niko sawa” — Nviiri The Storyteller ft Bien; it’s my jam and what makes this song even better is the collaboration between two amazing artists. Nviiri with his catchy phrases that stick like glue and Bien with a voice that lights up a room! There is something about bringing diversity together that creates magic. Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labour — Ecclesiastes 4:9; even the LORD God Himself approves this. Like other artists, we also believe in collaborative work at Lloyd Constellations and play a role in bringing people’s dreams to reality; making you the star in your industry.

A partnership is when two or more parties come together in agreement to advance their mutual interests. For a good partnership to spring forth, certain key elements have to be integrated into it.

1. Open Communication — this is the backbone of any effective partnership. Informing one another of any new activities regularly. It is here where trust is built.

2. Flexibility — It is good to plan however being aware that things don’t always go as planned is good as well. Remember how every single one of our plans was disarrayed by COVID? We were forced to be flexible and re-structure our plans. Be adaptable to change and strong enough to tackle the challenges wisely.

3. Mutual Benefit — Each partner should take an active interest in the other while working to develop shared success. Balanced commitment is essential in ensuring everyone’s energetic and renewed. Overworking your partner is just not it!

But why partnership when you can “easily” manage without a partner? I know many people believe in this and indeed you can go far alone, there is no dispute to that. However, Ladies and Gents, partnership or collaborative work is the secret to unlocking the creativity inside your daily work and giving a great idea a chance. Let’s call it Collective Genius. In partnership, there’s power and protection. A team of two has a better chance at protecting each other from mistakes than a team of one. In partnership, we accomplish more.

Visioning is a team sport. Today’s most successful leaders, artists, etc guide their teams, not through command and control but a shared purpose and vision. At Lloyd Constellations we understand this. Our motto says; Making You the Star in your Industry. Being in the tech industry calls for partnership and collaborative work and we have our hearts set on that. Being part-players in bringing our clients’ dreams to reality is nothing but joyous to us and we take pride in it too.

As we live in the digital era many companies have been trying to adapt with no clue on how to go about it best. This where we come in as team players carrying the vision in the right direction and collectively bringing it to reality. We are Software Developers that provide the following services: building websites, web apps, mobile apps, digital marketing amongst many other services, check us out on to learn more about us.

The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion — Sarah MacLean