Pets Paradise and the Paradigm Shift!

lloyd constellations
3 min readOct 17, 2019


I remember with almost perfect nostalgia when I was young, I grew up with unbridled energy and limitless enthusiasm and above all, I loved to play football. The irony was that every time I wanted to go the field, I would do so with the fear of a neighbor’s dog that would not let me pass through without harassing me! From a young age, I disliked dogs and other pets, in fact, in the area that I lived, most people did not consider dogs or cats as pets rather they were considered as utilities — dogs kept thieves and unwelcome visitors away, It is fair to say that our pedigree reflected no blue blood. Cats, on the other hand, were to keep rats etc away. Fast forward to 2019, I finally decided to have a cat, the cat in the photo below was not adopted to be a pet but rather to keep rats from my house. I saw it as a utility until I came across Pets Paradise.

A photo of our cat

Pets Paradise is a company that prides itself on taking care of pets. Located in Elijah Wambugu Close in Karen, they offer grooming and pet boarding amongst other interesting services such as playgroup. With a dedicated team of pet lovers dedicated to providing your pet with a safe, fun and caring environment in your absence, they believe in a personalized approach to pet care ensuring your peace-of-mind knowing your pet is safe, happy and loved. When I first met Angie and Rodney, the team leaders at Pets Paradise, I was impressed by their love for the pets — paying attention to small details and making sure that all pets that came in either for boarding or grooming were vaccinated! At first, this seemed frivolous and even childish, considering that I had a cat in my house that was never vaccinated or well cared for. The few minutes that I spent at Pets Paradise changed my perception to a great extent, I understood that animals such as cats and dogs need to be looked after so that they live well.

Rodney — Pets Paradise Team Leader

Today, my cat has been vaccinated against a number of potentially deadly diseases and is well taken off, it is no brainer that its natural curiosity and creative speedily returned with its enthusiasm and energy to play in our compound. I have already booked a groom at the exquisite pets paradise — I am sure the cat will enjoy it. By the way, can someone suggest a name that I can give to my cat?

A little game with my cat