Say Hello To Flexpay!

lloyd constellations
3 min readNov 21, 2021

It’s not every day you get to take on a giant challenge and love the adventure, roller coaster, and uncertainty it throws at you, especially when you are young and trying to solve one of the most pressing challenges in the global South. That was the case when a group of Five eager, enthusiastic and determined friends decided to Co-found Flexpay back in 2014. Having faced the inability to buy basic commodities due to lack of disposable income, unemployment, and general unaffordability of items, the Co-founding team decided to help Kenyans and Africans to afford basic home items by taking away the sting of a bulk payment. With only a dream on paper and faith, they wanted to Re-imagine Layby buying hence they came up with Flexpay, a company that works diligently at the intersection between top-notch technology, smart business, and social impact within the retail sector to empower both clients and businesses to thrive. Powered by a Mobile Application and USSD platform they are focused on automation and enhancing flexible payments between businesses and customers. It allows businesses to accept and manage flexible payments easily and continently from customers hence promoting sales. On the other hand, they equip customers with purchasing power for goods and services by staggering payments into flexible and affordable installments.

A pitch Video by Flexpay in 2017.

With Flexpay, customers can now afford to reserve for commodities and stagger payments over time, and conveniently pick them after their last installment. The business is entirely digitalized by leveraging mobile application development and related technology to simplify payments, making it fresh, crisp, and socially engaging through a simple tap on a smartphone or their USSD Platform. Users can interact with a user-friendly interface providing the ability to seamlessly reserve, pay, track and get their products conveniently. Secondly, No man is an island. A cliché, but true. Since time immemorial, long before our founding fathers coined the term “Harambee” which loosely translates to ‘pulling together’, our culture of giving has been the cornerstone for the community. It’s therefore not alien that Kenya has been dubbed the most generous country in Africa. This is attributed to the deeply engrained culture of giving. Flexpay encourages the Spirit of Harambee by allowing you to share your bookings with your friends so that they can assist you with the payments.

Flexpay has continued to partner with High-value partner merchants so as to enable Kenyans to have a wide choice of goods and services to choose from, some of these include Naivas, Quickmart, Hotpoint, Magunas amongst others. You can see the full list here:

The clarion call of the SDGs is “ Leave No-one Behind”, and this Christmas Flexpay is not leaving you behind. Are you looking to shop for Christmas and you are not sure how? Well, you can Now shop at Quickmart, Naivas, Magunas, and our other partner stores by either using the Fexpay Mobile app, USSD Platform, online platform, or by visiting the nearest store and start shopping Mdogo Mdogo and Enjoy Your Christmas. Flexpay we will be giving Coupons, giveaways and other exciting merchandise to help you along the way. The aim is to give you an amazing Christmas experience by playing a catalytic role in the pursuit of your shopping goals.

With interest-free prepayments, instant approval, and zero credit checks, we make products and services affordable to anyone, anywhere, even for those the rest can’t reach. Designed for merchants, powered by the people, we are a movement! This Christmas period, make sure that you, your family, and friends Say Hello to Flexpay!