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4 min readDec 8, 2021


The year is 2070, it is 8:00 am in the morning and the African Innovation Agency has convened the annual summit on African Innovation in Bangui, Central Africa for different stakeholders within the African Continent. The convention is organized to look at the innovation landscape within the continent, the shift in new technologies that are now akin to this side, south of the globe! The theme of this year’s convention is, “ The last 50 years and how Technology shaped Africa”. Naisuda has traveled about 2139 KM aerial distance from Nairobi to Bangui, She is one of the speakers at this year's convention and as she seats at the speakers' corner she is both excited and nervous, excited to share her speech, crystallized thoughts, and her wisdom but also nervous about the crowd! At least, most of us are nervous in regards to Public speaking!

A crowd in a conference Room

Thunderous applause woke up Naisuda and brought her wandering mind back to the auditorium, off the stage went the chairman of the African Innovation Agency. The MC, a young, well-built, and bald young man took to the stage and with a hoarse voice declared, “ ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Mrs. Naisuda to the stage, all the way from Kenya to give her remarks!”

“It is a particular honor for me to share my thoughts with you on how technology shaped the last 50 years from a Kenyan perspective. My idea is not to talk about Occulus AI, Machine learning, ConverseX, or the complex technologies that are now at the heart of this conversation, my aim this morning is to talk about how technology transformed the lives of ordinary people. I grew up in the East Side of Nairobi, the neighborhood was rough, tough, and on the bright side — Adventurous”, Naisuda began her speech as the auditorium now stood in deafening silence!.

“In a family of a single mother, things were not easy but through the ideals of hard work, commitment, and unyielding faith, my mother always found a way to pull us through life. With little disposable income in my family, it always surprised me that we never lacked basic home needs, and my siblings and I were never sent away for school fees. In the January of 2020 when I joined Kenyatta University as a freshman to pursue a degree in Computer science, I was awe-struck when my mother handed me a receipt to take to the finance department. On the receipt, my mother had cleared my first year’s fee and I could not wrap my head around how she would do it while she only ran a small kiosk in Soweto village. As she helped me to my dormitory, I finally mustered the courage to ask her how she had financial stability despite running a small village Kiosk. With a smile on her face, my mother mentioned one word: FLEXPAY. She went on to explain Flexpay is a platform that enables her to shop for products and stagger payments over a period of time, through platform she also explained that she was able to join a Savings group popularly known as “Chamaa’ in Kenya and this enabled proper planning and pool her resources together. All these she was able to do through a simple mobile application and a USSD platform that was usable on feature phones.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Innovations that tackle the pain points that the masses face will continue to be the frontier in the global south, they could be simple ideas but when well executed, they impact lives on unprecedented levels. The story of Flexpay is an incredible example of how we can empower the masses. My mother was able to raise a family by planning and shopping for our essentials on the flexpay platform. She was able to educate my siblings and I, giving us a chance to have a better life. As the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya National Innovation Agency, I am hellbent to support such innovations and technologies for scale. If Flexpay helped my mother, new innovations and technologies will save more lives and lift millions out of poverty.

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